【Quick Guide】How to Play the Trading Card Game “uminonakamatachi”

【Quick Guide】
How to Play the Trading Card Game “Sea Friends”

Victory Conditions.
Reduce your opponent’s “Life” cards to zero,
then attack once more to achieve victory.

『Basic Rules』
[1. Preparing the Cards]
・Each player prepares 16 “Sea Friends” cards.
・Shuffle the 16 cards to create a “Deck”.
・Place the “Deck” face down so that the cards are not visible.
・Draw 6 cards from the “Deck” to form your “Hand”.
・Use the remaining 10 cards as your “Life”.

[2. Deciding the First and Second Turns]
・Decide the first and second turns by playing rock-paper-scissors.
 Players then alternate turns as described below.

『Turn Sequence』
[1.Draw a Card]
・At the start of your turn, you may draw one card from your “Life” and add it to your “Hand” (optional).

・You may play one card from your “Hand” into the “Friend Area” as a “Friend” (optional).
“Friends” provide the deployment cost.

・You may play a card from your “Hand” into the “Sea” (Action Area) horizontally (optional).
・Condition: The total cost and power (number in the top left corner of the card)
of the cards in the “Sea” must not exceed the number of “Friends” you have
in the Friend Area. You can play multiple cards as long as they meet this condition.

・If you have a card in the “Sea” that is positioned vertically, it can attack by choosing either option below:
(Note: Horizontal cards cannot attack. Cards are positioned vertically on your next turn after they are deployed.)
 ①Attack “Life”: Flip one of your opponent’s “Life” cards and place it in their Friend Area.
 ②Attack an opponent’s card in the “Sea”: Compare the numbers
in the top left corners of the cards. The card with the higher number remains in the “Sea,” and
the card with the lower number is moved to the Friend Area. In the event of a tie,
both cards are moved to the Friend Area.

『Types of Cards』

・Guard: While this card is in the “Sea,” your opponent cannot directly attack your “Life.”
・Speed: This card can be played vertically in the “Sea” and can attack on the turn it is deployed.
・Trap: This card activates when it is placed directly into the Friend Area from your “Life.”
・Active: This card activates when it is deployed into the “Sea.”